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Knowledgeable Leadership

“Popular yes, but we weren’t expecting she would be the most knowledgeable speaker on issues and policy.”
Couple at Pictou AGM with leadership candidates

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Grow Our Cultural Industries

Nova Scotia can grow cultural industries to drive the provincial economy. Lenore has the passion and knowledge to build Nova Scotia’s arts industries for the 21st century.

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NS NDP - New Hope

“The new leader must be someone grounded in social democratic principles & can formulate a vision that will inspire not only the party faithful, but all Nova Scotians. I believe that person is Lenore Zann.” -Alexa McDonough

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Amazing Massive Rabble Article on Lenore Zann adds depth to a month of encouraging press.

Lenore Zann has been getting some pretty good press. The Chronicle Herald has noted her strength and grit:
The Chronicle Herald Howe Room

Graham Steele, in his new role as a Political Analyst for CBC, wrote his insights into the NSNDP Leadership race, concluding about Lenore in this way:

“She’s also a dedicated constituency worker, evidenced by the fact she retained true-blue Truro even when the provincial tide was running against the NDP.

Her background as a performing artist makes her distinctly different than the usual middle-aged male lawyers, doctors and teachers that we’re accustomed to seeing in leadership roles.

Speaking as a middle-aged lawyer myself, I think we’ve had our turn.”

Graham Steele at CBC News Nova Scotia

Then Michael Gorman writing in the “Howe Room” at the Chronicle Herald again, positioned Lenore to win. He said in the article, and over the phone to our campaign later:
“Lenore is well positioned to win the Leadership”
Positioned to win because she avoids being locked into the ‘well-ensconced arms’ of a left right split that might divide the NSNDP, being acceptable to the wide diversity of the party, as he wrote:

At times in the party’s history — perhaps most notably on the election night of Oct. 8, 2013 — there has been little love lost between the two sides. Depending on where things stand in the dynamic between party members who closely identify with one of those two groups, this is where Zann — more of a free agent when it comes to party allegiances — could have an advantage via the preferential ballot.

And now there is a massive, 6,000 word in depth interview with Lenore examining in very personal detail, who Lenore Zann is, and what her life and struggles have been. It is a compelling portrait; a story of adventure and redemption, hard work and insight, strength and courage, it’s quite beautiful.

“And at that moment, in that bathroom in Los Angeles, I had what they call a moment of grace, an epiphany.”

It is too long to post the article here, but it is very much worth your time to read. We think it’s vital to the race that it is widely read. We should know just who this courageous woman is, please, click the article title below and go read, it is an emotionally moving, and admirable, story.

Actor and MLA Lenore Zann vies for Nova Scotia NDP leadershiparticleImages

On Rabble – By Christopher Majka.

On October 8, 2013 the provincial government of Nova Scotia went down to defeat. Led by Premier Darrell Dexter, it was the first New Democratic government in the province’s history, and the first majority government to ever go down after its first mandate.READ MORE…

Meet Lenore

Lenore Zann is MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River, NDP Deputy House Leader, and Critic for six portfolios including: Status of Women, Education and Early Childhood Development, Communities – Culture and…

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A few statements from some of the people who have declared support for Lenore Zann for Leader of the NS New Democratic Party, and the next Premier of Nova Scotia….

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Grow NSFilm & Culture Industries

Nova Scotia needs to restore and grow one of our most powerful economic sectors – one that has been has been providing good jobs to many Nova Scotians and supporting…

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Restore & Grow The NS NDP

The NS NDP formed the Nova Scotia government from 2009-2013. It lost the election of 2013 and since then we have had an interim leader. In early 2016 the NS…

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“Let us remember one child, one pen, one teacher can change the world.” – Malala. Coming from a family of teachers myself, I know how hard teachers work and have…

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